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Farm Sanctuary works towards the day when all farm animals will have protection from cruelty and abuse.

You make this work possible. And we invite you to take on a leadership role in creating a compassionate future—through the Friends of Hilda Club.

Named for Hilda, the first animal rescued by Farm Sanctuary, the Hilda Club was established to express our deep appreciation for members like you who make leadership gifts towards farm animal protection.

All that we do, from our shelters and rescue work, to our legal and legislative actions, and to changing hearts and minds across the nation, is because of Hilda and animals like her.

In 1986, Hilda, a 6-month-old lamb, was discarded as a downer and left for dead. As Farm Sanctuary co-founders, on a stockyard investigation, passed by the dead pile Hilda had been tossed on, the small sheep lifted her head. The rest is history. Hilda became the first animal that Farm Sanctuary rescued and took to safety, and with that began a movement. During her next 11 years spent roaming the green pastures of Farm Sanctuary's New York Shelter, Hilda touched the hearts and minds of millions of people, including legislators and policymakers who introduced federal and state legislation to ban "downed" animal cruelties; nationwide readers who learned of Hilda's plight in dozens of national stories; and visitors of all ages who met Hilda and learned that farm animals feel pain, sorrow and joy, just like dogs and cats.

Hilda inspired a community and played a large role in the first-ever cruelty conviction of a US stockyard. She passed away peacefully in her sleep, dying from old age on September 25, 1997. She is buried in a beautiful garden grove on the farm, with a memorial that will continue to reach and teach people for years to come.

There are billions like Hilda. And because of you, there is now hope for them.

Annual membership in the Friends of Hilda Club provides the resources for the critical rescue, education, and advocacy work that Farm Sanctuary does on behalf of farm animals.

To recognize the special way our Hilda Club members are involved in this lifesaving work and to help you help the animals you care about, Farm Sanctuary will provide you with the most in-depth and updated information about groundbreaking campaigns and rescue efforts.

As a Hilda Club member, you will receive an invitation to our exclusive Hilda Club party, special pre-registration opportunities for on-site lodging and select events, the Hilda Club newsletter, and a Hilda Club pin that will display your commitment to farm animal protection each time you wear it. And best of all, you will know you are making a leadership difference for farm animals.

You can join the Friends of Hilda Club or renew your membership with a one-time annual gift of $1,000 or with an automatically deducting gift each month or quarter through our Sanctuary Sustainers Program.

Hilda Club Levels and Benefits

Friend $1,000-$4,999* — Members receive a personal Farm Sanctuary contact, an invitation to our exclusive Hilda Club party, a subscription to the Hilda Club newsletter, special pre-registration opportunities for on-site lodging and select events, annual Farm Sanctuary Calendar, and a Hilda Club pin.

Sponsor $5,000-$9,999* — Members receive all Hilda Club member privileges for the Friend level, regular updates from their personal Farm Sanctuary contact, plus a personal call from Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary’s President and Co-Founder.

Patron $10,000-$14,999* — Members receive all Hilda Club member privileges for the Sponsor level, plus one 60-minute private tour, with up to 15 guests, at one of our sanctuaries. *tour must be scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance*

Benefactor $15,000-$19,999* — Members receive all Hilda Club membership privileges for the Patron Sponsor level, one time coupon for 30% off the Farm Sanctuary online store, and one handwritten Farm Sanctuary card to a recipient of your choice to celebrate a loved ones’ birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Leader $20,000-$25,000* — Members receive all Hilda Club member privileges for the Benefactor level, plus one virtual visit with farm animals at our sanctuaries. Join a video call with one of our knowledgeable sanctuary guides as they take you to the pig pasture, sheep barn, goat yard, or to visit with our cattle herd at either our Acton sanctuary or our main campus in Watkins Glen. *virtual visits must be scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance*

*Hilda Club membership gifts at each level may be made with an annual gift at one time or with qualifying monthly or quarterly gifts through the recurring Sanctuary Sustainer Program.

Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Gifts to Farm Sanctuary are tax deductible as allowed by law. We encourage you to contact your financial advisor for information about tax deductions as they relate to charitable giving.

A compassionate world begins with you.

Please contact Amanda Fortino, Director of Leadership Giving, at or 607-207-7783 to discuss the Friends of Hilda Club benefits and how you might make a leadership gift to Farm Sanctuary today.

One-time gifts may be made using the form below. To make a recurring monthly or quarterly gift through our pledge program, please click here.

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