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Turkey-Free Pledge - Farm Sanctuary


Take the Turkey-Free Pledge
For a More Compassionate Thanksgiving

I object to animal cruelty, environmental destruction, the exploitation of slaughterhouse workers, and the deep wounds inflicted upon rural communities by the factory farming industry.

As such, I will join Farm Sanctuary in celebrating a more compassionate Thanksgiving by leaving turkey off my dinner plate.

This simple act:

• helps spare the lives of the estimated 46 million turkeys who will be killed for Thanksgiving alone

• serves as a symbol of protest against animal agriculture’s role in the devastation of our ecosystem

• acknowledges the workers who’ve been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 as a result of the factory farming industry’s shameful disregard for employee safety

• highlights the rural communities whose health and lives have been disrupted by pollutants emanating from neighboring factory farms

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